10 Best Books About Pregnancy

Once you find out you’re pregnant—and, congratulations to you!—it’s easy to become overwhelmed with questions. The next nine months is all new territory. Even if you’ve already brought tiny humans into the world, no two pregnancies are alike. Based on the reviews we've done a list of books which we hope will help you pass easily through the next 9 months.

#1 Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

Founding member and former president of the Midwives Alliance of North America and author of Spiritual Midwivery, Gaskin offers encouragement and practical advice in her upbeat and informative book on natural childbirth. Since the mid-1970s, Gaskin and the midwives in her practice on a Summertown, Tenn., commune known as""The Farm,"" have attended over 2,200 natural births. Gaskin, who learned the rudiments of her gentle birthing technique from the Mayans in Guatemala, has helped bring attention to the method's remarkably low rate of morbidity and medical intervention. Couples considering natural childbirth will get inspirational coaxing from more than a dozen first-person narratives shared by the author's clients. Gaskin decries what she sees as Western medicine's focus on pain during birth, arguing that natural birthing can not only be euphoric and blissful but also orgasmic (a survey of 150 natural birthing women""found thirty-two who reported experiencing at least one orgasmic birth""). The second half of Gaskin's book deals with the practical side of natural birthing, including how to avoid standard medical interventions such as epidurals, episiotomies and even prenatal amniocentesis that may be unnecessary, even dangerous, to mother or child. While this may not be the definitive guide to natural childbirth, it is a comfortable and supportive read for women who want to trust their bodies to do what comes naturally.

#2 Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too!

For those who don’t only want to know whether something should be happening to their body, but also the biological reasons why​ the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is perfect. Written by pregnancy experts at the Mayo Clinic, which treats more than 500,000 patients a year, the book is full of useful information without being intimidating or dense.Features include week-by-week information about your baby’s growth, as well as month-by-month updates on your changing body over the course of pregnancy. The book also includes advice on how to get pregnant, meal planning, exercise, medication, and parenthood.Reviewers on Amazon praise the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy’sto-the-point tone, as well as its excellent illustrations and charts. It’s no wonder that it’s the #1 bestseller on Amazon in Medical Books about Obstetrics and Gynecology.

#3 Pregnancy, Childbirth, And The Newborn (2016-5Th Edition)

Exactly as the title states, this go-to guide covers all aspects of pregnancy, delivery and early stage of baby. First published in 1979 and revised numerous times, the popular pregnancy book for moms-to-be is filled with information on what to expect with your growing belly, as well as nutrition, latest research and answers to your baby questions. This perennial favorite is a must-have during pregnancy.

#4 What to Expect When You're Expecting

What To Expect When You’re Expecting is such a classic that Hollywood made a movie out of it starring Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz in 2012. With 18.5 million copies in print, and, it is estimated to be read by 93 percent of pregnant women. What makes it so great? It breaks down the pregnancy week-by-week, covering everything from what symptoms to expect, to how your baby is growing, to how to modify your lifestyle to have a healthy pregnancy.The most recent edition has been updated to include information about the Zika virus, prenatal screening, and postpartum birth control. Also included are sections on IVF pregnancy, breastfeeding while pregnant, multiple births, water and home births, and VBACS (vaginal births after cesarean sections). In essence, this book touches on everything pregnancy and childbirth related. It’s no wonder it’s the #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Baby & Toddler Parenting Books.

#5 On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

Distinguished pediatrician Dr Robert Bucknam, M.D. and co-author Gary Ezzo are two of the world's leading experts on infant management concepts. In this revised 5th edition, they have updated their groundbreaking approach which has found favor with over six million parents in all 50 states and has been translated into 20 languages around the world. For over 25 years, On Becoming Babywise has been the de facto newborn parenting manual for naturally synchronizing your baby's feeding time, waketime and nighttime sleep cycles, so the whole family can sleep through the night. In his 28th year as a licensed Pediatrician, Dr. Robert Bucknam, M.D. along with co-author Gary Ezzo, demonstrate how order and stability are mutual allies of every newborn's metabolism and how parents can take advantage of these biological propensities. In particular, they note how an infant's body responds to the influences of parental routine or the lack thereof. Early chapters start with explorations of everyday aspects of infant management such as the three basic elements of daytime activities for newborns: feeding time, waketime, and naptime.Practical discussions then focus on broad and niche topics including feeding philosophies, baby sleep problems, baby scheduling challenges, nap routines, sleep training multiples, baby sleeping props, Colic and Reflux and many other dimensions which impact breast feeding schedules, bottle feeding tips and baby sleep training. Five resource Appendixes provide additional reference material: 1) Taking care of baby and mom 2) A timeline of what to expect and when 3) Baby Sleep Training Problems and Solutions 4) Monitoring Your Baby's Growth 5) Healthy Baby Growth Charts On Becoming Babywise is more than an infant-management concept. It is a mindset for successful parenthood. It can help any parent develop a plan that meets both the needs of a new baby and of the entire family. These principles have worked for millions of parents and, when applied with common sense to your unique situation, can work wonderfully for you too! Recommended by doctors across the country. "As a mom, I parented both ways. As a certified lactation educator, I know how discouraging it is to feed a baby around the clock with no apparent advantage and how fatigue will affect her milk supply. I also know how discouraging the first eighteen months of parenting can be without a plan. I know, because with my first child, I did everything the opposite of what is taught in this book. Before my second baby was born, I was introduced to the Babywise concepts. Applying these principles revolutionized my thinking. Instead of being in baby bondage, I was liberated to be the mother God wanted me to be. I have consistently used this series with the women I counsel. These mothers have met with tremendous success, whether bottle or breastfeeding." -- Barbara Philips, R.N., C.L.E. Los Angeles, California

#6 The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly (Potter Style)

The shape of the book includes a curve that reflects a pregnant belly. The book is divided into trimesters and has prompts ranging from the mama's reaction to the pregnancy test, first hearing the heartbeat, and dealing with body image in a humorous way. There is a lot of room for pictures and other mementos.

#7 Expecting 411: The Insider's Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

funny, informative, and honest. Great for any expecting parents and includes advice for partners. If you are looking for a week-by-week, this briefs it but you want a different book for in depth discussion. Covers everything from the changes to your body to what happens if the unthinkable happens. Great for first time parents-to-be, recap for seasoned parents, and good for parents-to-be of multiples.

#8 The Pregnancy Instruction Manual: Essential Information, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice for Parents-to-Be (Owner's and Instruction Manual)

It contains everything that I've gleaned from about 20 different books and my doctor, all in a nice little package.It's a great introduction that gets into the nasty stuff you don't want to hear about, and you can easily take any follow-up questions and either ask your doctor or get a more in-depth book.

#9 The Pregnancy Countdown Book: Nine Months of Practical Tips, Useful Advice, and Uncensored Truths

"Probably best for first time moms, but still a quick fun read." is one of the reviews on GoodReads. Full of practical tips, useful advice and uncensored truths, The Pregnant Countdown Book is a light-hearted read which is presented in a perfect compact size. Since the average pregnancy lasts for 280 days, Magee, the author together with the help of Dr Nakisbendi, a board-certified obstetrician, gynaecologist and nutrition specialist have listed down in simple but comprehensive breakdown of each milestone for every day of your pregnancy.Each week is then further segregated to different paragraphs containing information such as how to visualise your baby (using fruits, vegetables and seeds the author explains the size of the baby in the womb), the whole truth and nothing but (information which has not been sugar coated which every mother to be told), advice from the trenches (advice from real mothers), doctor’s orders (advice and pointers to follow) and to do list amongst others (some fun activities which mothers often forget to do).

#10 The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy

Unlike most pregnancy books that you will find, Vicki Iovine comes to you with the style that is exactly what the title describes: it's just like a Girlfriend talking to you on the phone.